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Erstwilder Halloween - Scarily Good!

Erstwilder Halloween - Scarily Good!

All about the double Erstwilder release for Halloween including my favourite pieces, price list and handy information for release.

One of my favourite designers Terry Runyan is back with my favourite subject: cats!

Then Erstwilder go and make it a double release with their Halloween Essentials earrings and the new mini brooches in more simplified designs allowing them to be presented at a lower price point.

Now when it comes to Halloween, I'm a bit of a scaredy cat it has to be said. I like the cute fun side. Pumpkin carving and silly outfits. Miss Wednesday covers her paws with her eyes at anything too scary!

So these two collections are right up my street. I also appreciate the versatility of the pieces enabling them to be autumnal and harvest pieces aswell as for the celebration of all things spooky. 

There are lots of opportunities within the two collections for double and triple brooching and mixing and matching between the two or with other pieces you already own. 

As a Hocus Pocus movie lover I was delighted to see the trio of Familiar Shadow, The Whiskered Witch and Hocus Purrcas. As slimline vertical brooches they are of a size that you can triple brooch without overwhelming your outfit. 

And the mini pumpkin in that beautiful glossy orange is so versatile. Perfect with autumnal animals aswell. But I do love the matching set. 

In the Erstwilder range my favourite has to be the glittery cats of course. They remind me of the older Carla Cat. 
But who could resist this little glittery cutie? Pawsome for double brooching (including with, ahem, some new makes I have coming out soon - shameless plug there) 
So here are the prices: 

Terry Runyan Halloween:

All full size brooches are £23.95 except Owl-O-Ween and Night of the Living Cat which are £26.95. 

The Midnight Magic Pumpkin Mini Brooch is £20.95 and the other two mini brooches are £18.95.

Drop earrings are priced at £26.95 and the necklace at £53.95. 

Erstwilder Halloween: 

Essential earrings £7.95 except the stud two pack set which is £13.95.

The mini brooches are £13.95 and the gingham mini brooch set is £20.95. 

(Apologies but I do not have the B&W gingham pumpkin set, the B&W studs or the gold mirror pumpkin earrings) 

UK Release time Tuesday 5th September:

3am Essential earrings

3.30am Mini brooches from the Erstwilder Halloween collection and the whole Terry Runyan Collection 

Multiple orders before 10am on launch day will be combined and any overpaid postage refunded. UK postage is free on total orders over £40. 

Other resources about the collection: 

- My range video on Wednesday Jones Facebook 

- The Erstwilder / Two Brooch Girls video and account 

- The Erstwilder range summary video and their blo

Launch Tips: 

For some good tips on launch you might want to refer back to my post on the Iris Apfel range which has lots of tips for launch. 

Don't forget to log into your Pawprints rewards account and get your code to redeem any points before the launch so you are ready. (They can now be redeeemd on all products even new releases) 

As always, my lovelies, I hope you get what your heart desires and may the odds be forever in your favour. 

Naomi xoxo